Verification of Identity

Due to the increasing number of property fraud transactions in Australia, as of 9 November 2015, the government has introduced new legislation.  It is now compulsory by law that each and every person in Australia who buys or sells property must undertake a Verification of identity.

As this is a new requirement in Australia, there are very limited companies who can legally provide the Verification of Identity service.  In order to assist you with this process, as quickly and cost effectively as possible, I highly recommend a company named “ZipID” to assist you.  ZipID will attend at either your home or workplace from Monday to Saturday and charge for a small fee per person which you pay directly to them, not Cheltenham Conveyancing.

The service offered by ZipID is Australia wide however certain regional areas are not covered.  Should you require Verification of Identity and you work or reside in an area which is not covered by ZipID, certain Australia Post outlets also offer the Verification of Identity service.  Australia Post also charges small fee for the service.

Both companies require you to provide them with a form which is unique to the conveyancer who you are using for your transaction.  If you are a Cheltenham Conveyancing client, we will provide you with the appropriate forms at the beginning of your transaction.

Verification of Identity is valid for two years, however is specific to the conveyancer whom you use for your transaction.