Electronic Conveyancing

With the introduction of Electronic Conveyancing in Victoria, we endeavor to settle as many of our transactions as possible through PEXA (the platform for all electronic settlements).

In order to facilitate your settlement, Cheltenham Conveyancing provides you with a Client Authorisation Form which enables us to act on your behalf for both electronic and paper transactions.  You simply sign the form and we can proceed with your transaction.

PEXA – Electronic Conveyancing & Client Authorisation forms.

Land Registrys are phasing out paper settlements. Here at Cheltenham Conveyancing electronic settlements are our preferred option.
We can complete Transfers securely and without the need for bank cheques. As a Vendor a huge advantage to an electronic settlement is that you receive your settlement proceeds instantly as CLEARED funds into your nominated bank account – no 3 day waiting period for bank cheques to clear.

Confidently execute your Client Authorization Form – you are in great hands at Cheltenham Conveyancing.

Colleen Buck the founding Licensed Conveyancer and business owner started her conveyancing career in 1982 … over 35 years experience in the profession.
Using electronic conveyancing means that Cheltenham Conveyancing can provide clients with streamlined processed & greater transparency.
Signing paper Transfers of Land are no longer required so you do not have the worry that your signature on the Transfer must match your signature on the Contract of Sale. Further settlements take place on time and therefore quicker for you to receive your keys.